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Happy Old School Sunday with Gladys Knight & The Pips. I just cannot get enough of this. 

Little Dragon - Cat Rider on Nabuma Rubberband

Angel Olsen performs “Lights Out” for the City of Music series on Pitchforktv.

Lorde Winning Awards

Congratulations to Lorde! She just won Best New Artist at the iHeart Radio Music Awards. Keeping on fire! Go Ella/Lorde! Check out her live Letterman performance from November.

New(ish) Release: “Young Cries” by Tutlie

Okay, so this isn’t brand new, but it is to my ears. A friend recently introduced me to the Philadelphia-based band Tutlie, and I was immediately captivated. Their new LP, “Young Cries,”  was released on March 21st. This album is gorgeous in all aspects. The delicate baroque pop music filled with beautiful harmonies makes you feel lost in another dreamy world. I’ve heard baroque pop before but this is exceptional. Their bandcamp states that the album was recorded over the course of two years. You can tell from the first minute of the record that a lot of love and time went into making this.

New Music Tuesday: Computer Magic

Have you listened to Brooklyn-based Computer Magic? It’s the project of Danz Johnson, a music maker/DJ/beat maker extraordinaire! She released her lastest EP “Extra Stuff” last week. Stream the new EP via SoundCloud, and see what ya think! 

If you wanna explore more of her music, here’s the link to her site

Old School Sunday

Okay this isn’t that old, but I always think of her when March ends and April comes. So enjoy some April March for Old School Sunday!

Old School Sunday: Marine Girls

Discovering old bands that are new to you is what makes a rainy Sunday brighter. This week’s Old School Sunday is a song by an early 1980s UK band called Marine Girls. “Lazy Ways” is simply soothing yet has a somber sound (I’ve been into alliterations lately/forever). It’s mellow music that Kurt Cobain apparently loved. I’d give the Wikipedia entry a read.

Researching bands is a great pastime that might just lead you to another new band. 

New Release: Abi Reimold “Forget”

Philadelphia folk-inspired musician Abi Reimold, whom we interviewed for LBB last year, released a new EP a few weeks ago titled, “Forget.” As always, her vocals are captivating and draw you into the emotion-filled music. It’s a well made record that will make you yearn for more sounds from this awesome gal. Stream it now below via Bandcamp. Purchase it too!!! 

Old School Sunday

Old School Sunday! Taking it back to the Roaring Twenties! Vaughn DeLeath isn’t a singer’s name that you might recognize. She was one of the earlier female recording artists. DeLeath was called, “the first lady of radio,” and was an awesome ukelele player. You can hear so in this song! Enjoy!

New Music Tuesday: St. Vincent

St.Vincent’s new self-titled album was released today. If you like her music, you’ll definitely appreciate this record. Thumping drums, horn hooks (as heard in “Digital Witness”), lovely Moogs. It’s high-powered tunes that will keep your ear wanting more. 

Old School Sunday

If you’ve got your TV on, you might see The Grammys are airing now. I was wondering who was picking up the statues 30 years ago at the 1984 Grammys. An certain artist named Tina Turner took home multiple awards for her song  ”What’s Love Got to Do with It?” Here she is at the  big show performing the tune that won “Record of the Year.” 

"Snow Cold" by Tiny Hearts

If you’re in the Northeast where the LBB gang lives, you know how SNOW COLD it is. Actually I heard Chicago was 40 below one day, so it might be even colder where you reside.

I came across this song “Snow Cold” by Tiny Hearts. It’s perfect for today. The song comes from their EP Stay which was released last year. Tiny Hearts released another EP in September called Nuthin’ Fits. 

The keyboard riffs, although electronic of course, sound natural and make you get lost in a world of notes. Deanne “Dede” Reynolds’ vocals offer a dreamy quality to the songs. Their music is worth a listen!

Enjoy the weather, where ever you are!

Tis the Season

It’s still the holidays! Oh and it’s Throwback Thursday too. Holidays throw me off on what day of the week it is. This song comes up every year. It was never a favorite of mine—lyrically that is. However, Eartha Kitt’s voice always drew me in. It’s unmistakable. She puts all her emotions into her singing. I was thinking about how she died on Christmas day in 2008. I literally thought it was just a few years ago. I can’t believe five years have passed. Thankfully, this beautiful song exists and Eartha can be with us to delight our ears every holiday season.

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