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New Music Tuesday: Computer Magic

Have you listened to Brooklyn-based Computer Magic? It’s the project of Danz Johnson, a music maker/DJ/beat maker extraordinaire! She released her lastest EP “Extra Stuff” last week. Stream the new EP via SoundCloud, and see what ya think! 

If you wanna explore more of her music, here’s the link to her site

Old School Sunday

Okay this isn’t that old, but I always think of her when March ends and April comes. So enjoy some April March for Old School Sunday!

Old School Sunday: Marine Girls

Discovering old bands that are new to you is what makes a rainy Sunday brighter. This week’s Old School Sunday is a song by an early 1980s UK band called Marine Girls. “Lazy Ways” is simply soothing yet has a somber sound (I’ve been into alliterations lately/forever). It’s mellow music that Kurt Cobain apparently loved. I’d give the Wikipedia entry a read.

Researching bands is a great pastime that might just lead you to another new band. 

New Release: Abi Reimold “Forget”

Philadelphia folk-inspired musician Abi Reimold, whom we interviewed for LBB last year, released a new EP a few weeks ago titled, “Forget.” As always, her vocals are captivating and draw you into the emotion-filled music. It’s a well made record that will make you yearn for more sounds from this awesome gal. Stream it now below via Bandcamp. Purchase it too!!! 

Old School Sunday

Old School Sunday! Taking it back to the Roaring Twenties! Vaughn DeLeath isn’t a singer’s name that you might recognize. She was one of the earlier female recording artists. DeLeath was called, “the first lady of radio,” and was an awesome ukelele player. You can hear so in this song! Enjoy!

New Music Tuesday: St. Vincent

St.Vincent’s new self-titled album was released today. If you like her music, you’ll definitely appreciate this record. Thumping drums, horn hooks (as heard in “Digital Witness”), lovely Moogs. It’s high-powered tunes that will keep your ear wanting more. 

Old School Sunday

If you’ve got your TV on, you might see The Grammys are airing now. I was wondering who was picking up the statues 30 years ago at the 1984 Grammys. An certain artist named Tina Turner took home multiple awards for her song  ”What’s Love Got to Do with It?” Here she is at the  big show performing the tune that won “Record of the Year.” 

"Snow Cold" by Tiny Hearts

If you’re in the Northeast where the LBB gang lives, you know how SNOW COLD it is. Actually I heard Chicago was 40 below one day, so it might be even colder where you reside.

I came across this song “Snow Cold” by Tiny Hearts. It’s perfect for today. The song comes from their EP Stay which was released last year. Tiny Hearts released another EP in September called Nuthin’ Fits. 

The keyboard riffs, although electronic of course, sound natural and make you get lost in a world of notes. Deanne “Dede” Reynolds’ vocals offer a dreamy quality to the songs. Their music is worth a listen!

Enjoy the weather, where ever you are!

Tis the Season

It’s still the holidays! Oh and it’s Throwback Thursday too. Holidays throw me off on what day of the week it is. This song comes up every year. It was never a favorite of mine—lyrically that is. However, Eartha Kitt’s voice always drew me in. It’s unmistakable. She puts all her emotions into her singing. I was thinking about how she died on Christmas day in 2008. I literally thought it was just a few years ago. I can’t believe five years have passed. Thankfully, this beautiful song exists and Eartha can be with us to delight our ears every holiday season.


My Time at Ladies Rock Camp

When I heard through some fellow zinesters that Girls Rock Philly, a volunteer-based non-profit music and mentoring organization dedicated to empowering girls and women through music education, was holding a camp for adult women, I quickly signed up. I’d heard of them before, but never got involved before. When  the program director, Diane Foglizzo, with the news that I was accepted into the camp, I was ecstatic.

I signed up sort of late, so my preferred instrument for study wasn’t available.  At first I wanted to focus on guitar. I was left with two choices; keyboards or turntables. My nature as a Libra came out and I could not decide. I thought about it a lot, and asked my friends to help me make a choice, but was still conflicted.

Several weeks went by, and then it was finally time to rock! I sent an email to the organizer and informed her that I chose the turntables. It was the only instrument which I had no prior experience on, and most of my friends thought it would be a unique experience. The next evening when I arrived at Rock Camp, I met up with several friends from the zine scene, Taryn, Ariana, Poliana. I also met many new and cool people.

Rock camp reminded me of my college experience Moore College of Art and Design, but also it was it was dedicated towards ladies, just like Moore. Rock camp even had a program guide zine which was full of information, including a schedule of the weekend, illustrated manuals on how to play different notes on different instruments, listings of interesting local non-profits, and more. We all got rock camp t-shirts, too. They were super soft and have a fox’s face on them.  

When the turntable instructor, Michelle Freeman, told me that as a turntablist I wouldn’t be in a band, I was in complete shock. She asked what I was expecting and I replied, “Something like Limp Bizkit”. She responded by saying that they did not have the technology to do that sort of setup. Of course, I wanted to be in a band! So, I went over to the keyboard camp. 

After our first session with the equipment, I felt sort of sad. I thought, “Why don’t you try something new for a change?” Plus, one of my best friends, John Merlino, is a professional keyboard instructor. During dinner, I let Michelle know that I switched back to turntables.

There was another turntable student named Alexis and we formed the DJ crew called Charred Shards. We also choose “Lex-Factor” and “Dretime” as our Disc Jockey names. Our first full day at camp was Saturday. Early on, we had a choice of going to a poetry/rap session or a sci-fi writing workshop. DJ Lex-Factor and I choose poetry, although both looked really interesting. The class ended up free style rapping. It was so much fun and the instructor, Camae Defstar, was very inspiring. Alexis, and I also went to a voice lesson class. During our lesson we were harmonizing together and the vibration of our voices made all of the dust stuck up on the ceiling fall down! The whole day was intense in a good way. I started forming an idea of what albums I wanted to play during the rock camp’s showcase on Sunday night. The show was to be held at Yoga 34 in West Philadelphia. There, all of the students of rock would show off what they learned over the weekend.

Soon it was Sunday. After a yummy breakfast donated by the Rocket Cat Café (Dos Segundo’s, Milk and Honey, and other local businesses also donated meals), I was up in the classroom with Michelle and Alexis. I mumbled to them that it looked like it was going to snow and crept over to the window, and it started to snow. It started off as just a little bit. Then it was time for another workshop. Alexis and I chose to go to the selfdefense workshop, although the other option was yoga, and I thought that was really cool, too. During our self-defense workshop we met our instructor, Elena, who came down to be with us from the real heart of Brooklyn. She was super amazing, funny, and deadly in the way that she could kill somebody with her bare hands if she had to. I think I gained a lot of insight in self-defense from this workshop. At the end of the session we all noticed that the snow has been piling up outside. 

There was a ton of snow, and it really made me nervous since I was driving to the show in West Philly. I was even thinking the show might be postponed or something. When it was time for us to head over, I cleaned off my car and head there with Ariana and Megan from Band of Bjorks in tow. The drive was actually really easy… but I guess it was only natural to worry when I was hearing of a bunch of accidents and snow incidences on the news and Facebook. On our way over we past by guitar shredder and virtuoso Alex Nagle and we hollered at him and invited him to to the show. I took it as a good omen to see such a talented musician on our way.

It was super nice, warm, and cozy at the yoga studio. As the bands, DJs, instructors, and band coaches prepared we had chips with bean dip and vegan cookies to munch on. Soon the show started and I was the first person up! I was nervous! I just kept my nose down and tried to concentrate on my set. People were actually dancing and digging it the few split seconds that I happened to catch a glimpse of what was going on. My friend Jeff trekked out in the snow and he took some videos of my on his iPhone which I was super thankful for! Check out the videos here and here.    

After the Charred Shards first set was over, we watched five bands play. First up was Taryn and Ariana’s band, the Band of Bjorks, then Radio Baby, All the Aces, Venn Diagram, and Time Travel Cat. Each band was very different. Every song moved me in different ways and I got goosebumps during the Venn Diagrams’ tune while tears were falling out of my eyes during All the Aces.

The Charred Shards closed the night and it was so much fun.  Then, Michelle told Alexis and me that we were in the first turntables class that they ever!  

There was also an after party at the restaurant/bar called Gojjo. Afterwards, I drove home in the snow and it was cool. I felt happy about everything and looked forward to the next show that Girls Rock Philly put together on December 20th. I will be DJing again, this time at their space in Fishtown. I am really looking forward to having more great experiences with Girls Rock Philly!

 Photos via Taryn Hipp with the exception of the photo of Elena.

Pick of the Day: “Make It Rain” by Little Marbles

Here’s a band that might be new to your ears. I first listened to this cover song in the summer, and it really has stuck with me. It was originally a Fat Joe song. Little Marbles’ take on the song is beautiful and memorable.

Swedish band Little Marbles released a few albums during their teen years. They’re just in their early twenties. Learn more about them via FB 

Explore their catalog on Spotify. I enjoyed doing so. 

Old School Sunday

Don’t know why, but it just feels like an Edith Piaf kind of Sunday. Do you ever have those days?

Ladies Rock Camp | Girls Rock Philly

Attention Philly folks! Ladies Rock Camp is back next month! It will be from Friday December 6 to Sunday December 8th. Check out the link for more info. You can register now! There’s volunteering opportunities too! Spread the word!

Old School Sunday

This song has been playing in my head all day. Not sure why… Perhaps because the harmonies are so great. Happy Old School Sunday!

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